The science of tennis

Exhibit Designers : Mather & Co.

Producer : Graham English and Co.

Additional Credits : Graphic Titles - Joshua Lindo   I   SFX - Peter Key

Using a 180° Camera rig, we shot a match on centre court between Maria Sharapova and Nuria Llagostera Vives. The footage was cut together to formulate a story, which in turn enabled us to pick out selected elements of science and technology to cover. This project was the first in-house CG project we attempted using Lightwave 3D Version 6. It was also the first time we had used our rudimentary internal render farm. Every element of the show turned out to be a challenge which resorted in a massive learning curve and a lot of reading. The finished 8.30 minute show was finally projected onto a curved 180° projections screen with the audience seated centrally. The end result gave you and accurate representation of what a line judges view would be during a match. This is something that is now common place in the age of GoPro's and 360° VR Headsets.