3d/HD update Version for 4d ride

Having originally created the Thrust SSC's record breaking run in 2003 for a hydraulic simulation ride in Standard Definition. I was asked to reproduce the sequence in 3D HD for a new 4D experience at the museum. For this I took the opportunity to update the models and environments as I felt the SD version wouldn't hold up enough as an experience.  


Exhibit Designers : Metropolis AV

Additional Credits : Additional Voice - Paul Bason

The original sd Simulator ride, 2003

Created for a single SD Screen and used in a hydraulic simulator ride. The animation was required, as the only external footage from the car to survive was from an earlier lower speed run. The footage from within the cockpit is the only point of reference we have, so, we sat down with the driver, Squadron Leader Andy Green, to define what Thrust SSC was actually doing at that moment in time against a timecode on the footage. We were then able to accurately re-create the run at a 1:1 scale. One of the more challenging aspects of the simulation was to show continual acceleration. All objects where removed from the actual course to avoid being sucked into the engines, so, I was left with the cracked surface for the initial acceleration. This worked well up to around 200mph, but then become too much of a continual blur. Looking back at the reference images I noticed that the desert surface contained variying damp patches. This was perfect for us to continue the feeling of gradual acceleration.

Production skills required : CG Animation and VFX.

Exhibit Designers : DJW

Producer : Paul Bason - Pure Media