360° Show

2 x 11.30 minute shows featuring Library images of athletes, CG 360° environments, footage shot on location in London and motion graphics. 8 x projectors cover the 360° screen at a resolution of 12K with an additional HD projector on the central dome in the centre of the floorspace. In addition to the immersive projection, your viewpoint continually moves with the aid of a turntable floorspace.


Exhibit Designers : KBW

Producer : KCA London

Director : Graham English & Co

Additional Credits : CG - Richard Booth, Carl Kenyon, Peter McMullan, 

This version of the show was used as an approval method, we found it helped everyone understand how the sequence worked in the space.

Footage of the live show 

After the Olympic show was completed, we then created a Paralympic version by replacing all of the Olympians with Paralympions throughout.

Olympic version

Olympic version

Paralympic version

Paralympic version