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main atrium conflict history

and medal Show

The shows are based on four key eras of the British Army from conception to modern day. Titled Horse and Musket, Rapid Fire, Total War and Modern War. 30 x HD screens set out as 10 x portrait screens suspended by coloured ribbons. 15 x portrait screens depicting the main imagery for the show set back on the middle floor. Finally 5 x portrait screens on the ground floor featuring a world map with each conflict highlighted and the medal’s associated. The show was created at 1:1 scale and 50fps for the best result in quality and motion. As a motif, we used the and aligned each colour ribbon from the display graphics created by Event, to travel vertically through the show.

The original show was created in 2017 and expanded in 2018 to cover more historical events.

Exhibit Designers : Event Communications

Producer : Graham English and Co.

Additional Credits : Music - John Curran

Horse and Musket

Rapid Fire

Total War

Modern War