the brewing process

We were commissioned to produce a series of animations showing the brewing process of Guinness. CGI was the only option available to us as the process is too aggressive to film with a live action camera. This was due to the high pressures, temperatures and motions involved throughout the brewing process. Additionally we required to recreate the more traditional method from the last 100 years. The projections were then incorporated into the very machinery we'd depicted in the sequences.


Exhibit Designers : Event Communications

Producer : Graham English and Co.

Additional Credits : Realflow Dynamics - Joshua Lindo

The Roaster - Animation of the Barley being roasted and cooled

The Kieve - The mulching process, where the roasted Barley is soaked

The Copper - Basically where the main part of the pressing process takes place and the addition of the Hops

The Skimmer - A two projector sequence projected downwards into an empty skimmer